ELAB is where ones interested in electronics can feel right at home! It’s an electronics laboratory run by students and part of the chapter of Electrical Engineering at KTH, though you don’t need to be part of that section to join. Nor do you have to know anything about electronics. We have plenty of equipment, and a supply of components at a low price. Come visit us.


More about ELAB

Since its establishment in 1980, ELAB has been the practical supplement to the rather theoretical education at KTH. The lab provides the tangible experience, that can help you identify and solve problems, as well as broaden your familiarity with the field.

ELAB is ran entirely by volunteering students. A yearly meeting is held in Autumn, during which ways of improving and evolving ELAB are discussed. An election for the official roles is also held on that night. Every now and then, a “fixarkvällar”, or “evening of fixing” is held to clean the lab and fix any broken equipment. Members are expected to attend at least two such events each year.


Out component stock and out equipment is mostly donated by departments of KTH and private companies. Often it’s the old members of ELAB that give us unwanted stuff from their current employers. We can find use in many old pieces of tech! Please contact us at ELAB elab.kth.se if you have something to donate!


Are you looking for electronically skilled people, either for permanent employment or a temporary assignment? We have some here! Send an email to ELAB elab.kth.se and we will forward your message to our members!