ELAB is primarily an electronics laboratory. You can expect the following equipment in the lab:

  • Oscilloscopes (digital and analog)
  • Soldering and rework stations
  • DC power supplies (up to 60V 6A or 15A at lower voltages)
  • Multimeters
  • Signal generators
  • Spectrum analysers
  • Vecteor Network Analyzer
  • USB logic analyzers
  • Programmers and debuggers for AVR and STM microcontrollers
  • A stereoscopic microscope (good for soldering and inspection)
  • A short focus thermal camera (good for fault detection)
  • Drilling tools, including drill press
  • A broad range of screwdrivers, pliers and other hand tools
  • Three 3D-printers

The lab does not have PCB making facilities.


Last updated: Thu 23 November 2023