ELAB has thousands of different components that you can buy, and it might be hard to determine what a single component is worth.

To find components in our storage, we have built a searchable database that is available here:

How to pay for your component at the lab

  1. Find the component at stores like Mouser, Digikey or ELFA
  2. Take the price of buying 1000 units or the highest available number of your component, and pay the price of one to ELAB
  3. If the component is unreasonably expensive, contact someone at the lab and we will help you determine a more decent price

If you can't find it on the previous sites:

  1. We match the price you find on auction sites like eBay.
  2. If you can not find a price, ask someone at the lab or send us an email at elab

Some components have specific prices, like the things in the drawers labeled with "Arduino", the rules above do not apply.




Last updated: Fri 08 September 2023